A Personal Injury Attorney Will Provide Help Throughout the Settlement Process

Most people are never involved in litigation, and as such, they’re anxious about pursuing personal injury claims. While these suits may result in jury trials, most don’t, and the process shouldn’t be stressful. The steps listed below will help potential clients understand the stages of a personal injury claim, from the preliminary consultation to case resolution.

Meeting With an Attorney

If an injury happens due to someone’s careless behavior, one of the first steps is to consult a personal injury attorney for professional advice. Bring supporting documents, notes, and medical records pertaining to the case. Most lawyers offer free consultations, which makes it easy for clients to get the advice they need.

Understanding Lawyers’ Fee Structures

Most injury lawyers work on contingency, which means there are no fees unless the case is successful. If a victim receives compensation, the attorney’s fees are a portion of the total recovery, which is typically 25-40%. When a client hires an attorney, they should ask questions about fees before signing a contract.

Investigating the Case

At this point, the attorney will research the case to understand the extent of the client’s damages, costs, and injuries. From there, he or she will work with the insurance company and possibly the other party’s legal team. It’s the attorney’s job to keep the client aware of developments throughout the process, which allows the client to get the medical care they need to get back to normal.

Settling Out of Court

Many injury claims are resolved before a lawsuit is ever filed. As a lawyer negotiates with the other party’s insurance company, a settlement offer may be given. If such an offer is made, the lawyer will tell the client about it and offer his or her opinion on whether it should be accepted.

In Closing

The personal injury lawsuit process is complicated, and attorneys’ decision-making skills are crucial at every step. These cases are usually resolved quickly, but some may take longer than expected. Therefore, it’s important to choose a lawyer who’s willing to stick with the case and not accept the first settlement offer they receive. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call the firm today.